Meet Syd Harris

Syd’s technical training as an engineer can be seen in the precise and interwoven movement that is demonstrated in a number of the pieces.  The marble and alabaster stone appears to flow into the complex twists and turns of the contemporary and abstract designs. “I had no idea of the satisfaction and rewards that would come from working in this type of medium.” The stainless and mild steel pieces as well as the copper clad pieces also show the same degree of complexity and movement as witnessed in the stone work.

In order to be truly appreciated you should view the pieces from a variety of positions to get the reward of seeing how the images change depending on your vantage point. A great deal of patience and tenacity is required to create in this art form with the final end product taking many hours of focused work.

Syd has had commercial success with domestic as well as international sales to both corporations as well as individual collectors.

“I have known and appreciated Syd Harris’ exemplary artistic talents, designs and sculptures for many years. About four years ago, I made a personal decision to acquire an alabaster stone work which my wife and I had fallen in love with. At the time, we were moving our company’s corporate headquarters into a new venue and realized that the expansive lobby was the perfect site to display this 400-lb work of art. Syd was wonderful in helping us determine the display base requirements, prepping the site and delivering the beautiful piece. Since then, it has acted as the conversational focal point for our corporate HQ lobby and has been a source of pride for us as it has been admired by employees, customers, suppliers and visitors alike. We are so pleased with the results.” – Kevin S.

San Diego, CA


Syd Harris was born in Oregon to parents in the Armed Services and as a result has traveled extensively throughout his life.  While he was growing up his mother had a strong artistic influence on him and his other brothers and sisters.  Their home was one of creativity, imagination and color.

Syd Harris, graduated from Oregon State University with an Engineering degree and was a professional engineer for over 35 years. He was a collector of art for years and discovered that he had a talent for creating art as he transitioned from his engineering career.

The Process

Progression of "Harmony" 1

Original stone at the start of process.

Progression of "Harmony" 2

Original layout on stone

Progression of "Harmony" 3

After 3 days of work, the image starts to take shape

Progression of "Harmony" 4

Side view, you must make sure that you consider all three dimensions as you work the stone.

Progression of "Harmony" 5

Further evolution of the shape, note the hole has been made in the center of the stone.

Progression of "Harmony" 6

Further development of the shape. Stone started out weighing over 450 pounds, note lifting device.

Progression of "Harmony" 7

Finished piece.